What our customers have to say about their Swiss Bakery experience:

Great quality products and a good value, authentic Swiss bakery and lunch specialty items. the pastries are done on the premises daily also, the cafeteria items are prepared from scratch upon ordering, super fresh. The place is very clean and inviting. they also sell German, Austrian and Italian wines and hard to find German beers. As others mentioned, coffee is very good as well. Did I mentioned Swiss chocolate?, directly imported by them. The owner (Swiss born, 3rd generation baker) his wife and staff are all great and eager to please, and as an added bonus, even though they take care of you so very well, tips are not allow. Overall, one the very best bakery/lunch places in Northern Virginia. Careful. if you live nearby you will become addictive.

Such a sweet little hidden treasure. Walking into this place is like entering another country. It's so fun! The bread is fresh-moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The rustic loaf is my favorite. If you ask, they can slice the bread for you. They have great breakfast and lunch to eat there or take to go- everything is very tasty. They have many different types of pastries and of the few I have tried, they are very good! Free wifi and lots of seating. Fast and excellent service! Love this place!

This is a great little place to find in Springfield, Va. The food is very good, the staff are very friendly and happy. The atmosphere is nice, clean and friendly. I love taking a break and coming here for a quick lunch. But I see a lot of ppl just hanging out and doing meetings too.

Thank you so much for the epic grooms cake! We loved it and so did our guests. You totally captured the look we were going for and it tasted amazing. We look forward to enjoying more treats and baked goods from your shop in the future. Thank you, Lauren & Kelby

Swiss (Bakery) was great to work with and their cakes were DELICIOUS! My guests loved it! Also, the cake I wanted was a little different than any in their photobook so I brought a picture for them to use. It was a 3 tier cake, each tier was a different shape, with rhinestones all over it and bows and the pillowtop look on 2 of the layers. I was very nervous because it was different and looked difficult but they nailed it! It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted! I was so excited when I arrived and saw my perfect cake!

Thank you for the wonderful customer service your team provided! You went above and beyond to grant our requests. With Appreciation, Roberta

Hi! I just wanted to send you a picture of the beautiful cake and petit fours we got from The Swiss Bakery for my father's 70th birthday party on March 28th! The cake was absolutely beautiful and far, far exceeded my expectations! In addition to being so pretty, it tasted delicious too! Our guests raved and honestly, there was only a tiny sliver left that my father got to take home after the party. Thank you to everyone father was thrilled. He's now a big fan of the petit fours---we had to order a dozen for Easter dinner too!!! Thanks again, Best, Kerry

"We have to say that the cake was absolutely exquisite, both in looks and in taste.It complemented our wedding so perfectly, simple but elegant. ...Thank you for your support, your professionalism and friendliness. I know that Andy and I will be coming to The Swiss Bakery often and have already recommended it to friends and colleagues. We are so glad we found you." ~Alison and Andy

I have had their breads, pastries, and assorted tarts and have ordered cakes for special dinners. All were fantastic and tasted great. But the cookies...............I am totally addicted. They usually have several varieties to choose from. The Amaretti are out of this world-especially when they are fresh out of the oven and soft and chewy-heaven. In addition to the chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies (which are all wonderful), they have several Swiss cookies. These are all worth trying. I can't remember all the names, but they are all good. There is a square cookie that is made of a stack of slivered almonds, held together by honey or sugar that is delicious too.

The Ravensworth location has a little seating area where you can eat your pastry -or whatever you have bought, drink your coffee and peruse all the fun and interesting products they have for sale on the shelves. They have European/Swiss candies, jams, jellies, coffees and in the refrigerated case, they have deli type meats, yogurts and cheese. They have an ice cream case with delicious ice cream and sorbets-try the Coconut-yum-0! Like I said-you get the same quality at both locations, and as of this writing, they are re-doing the Burke store as well. It is open for business during the renovation. ~Mary S. on Yelp

FINALLY a fruit tart that is as good as it is in France or Switzerland. The baguette was quite good as well. ~Chelsea J. on Yelp

OMG! I am in love. Based on Mary S's review, the kids and I tried this place out today. I repeat- OMG! We left w/ creme brulees, crispies, biscottis, and fruit tarts. Did I mention cookies? We probably bought more cookies than we can eat in a reasonable time- but what the hell! Raspberry fingerprints, german shortbread, lemon poppy seeds, chocolate layered square things, chocolate pyramid things- cookies by the pound. The kid love me for this "discovery", my thighs will be hating me, and I am on such a sugar buzz right now that I probably shouldn't be allowed to drive- or be out in public. Would another OMG be tediously redundant? Oh well- I love this place.

~Maria L. on Yelp

Instead of birthday cake for a recent bday, I got several of the mini desserts/tarts. We got the chocolate raspberry cake, carrot cake, lemon roll cake, a fruit tart, and an apple tart thing. The lemon roll cake was my favorite; it had this nice and tart lemon curd.~Brendan J. on Yelp

My cousin (who lives in SField) usually has a dessert from the Swiss Bakery when we have dinner with her. Last time, it was chocolate and creme--anyway, I licked the box. The icing and creme filling were the best I've had. Seriously, nothing artificial. No mysterious ingredients, no off flavors. Just Delicious. She tells me that THIS is the spot if you are a gingerbread house nut. Apparently they get crazy during the holidays with deliciously detailed (read lots of icing and candy) houses that you can bring home to yours. I love that they are a green retailer. ~Shannon M. on Yelp

We loved the wedding cake and groom's cake we ordered from The Swiss Bakery! Laurie and Lauren guided us expertly through the options to pick out the perfect cakes. They were easy to work with, even from a continent away, and the cakes were delicious. Our guests are still commenting on how perfect the groom's cake was for us. I think there are almost as many pictures of it as there are of us!

Laurie Weber, co-owner and chef, was wonderful. She provided advice and suggestions. In addition to the cake, she prepared Petite Pastries for our guests. The guest absolutely loved them. I would and do highly recommend them.

Laurie at The Swiss Bakery created a beautiful, delicious wedding cake for my wedding! I was really pleased with how it turned out. I specifically wanted the buttercream frosting to be dusted with edible glitter. (My wedding had a shimmery, silver star theme.) I was worried that the glitter on the cake surface might not be even or glittery enough, but it turned out perfect! (Extremely glittery, I was happy.) Laurie and The Swiss Bakery staff were great during the planning process. She spent nearly an hour with me, my husband, and my wedding planner for the cake tasting and in designing our cake. I came with ideas and she came up with a design that fit my ideas wonderfully. Close to the wedding, my husband and I changed our minds and decided to make the cake 4-tiers (instead of 3) and they were very accommodating. Multiple guests told me it was one of the most tasty wedding cakes they ever had. Additionally, I'm looking forward to my free anniversary top-tier cake! (There's no reason to freeze the cake-top for a year!)

AMAZING i love the swiss bakery. i recomend the brochens. very good rolls. i also recomend the chocolate cupcake. very nice workers and owners. they let me take a tour of the kicthen because i am going 2 be pastry chef. very clean and never a bad batch anything. ~Shannon

It's a neat place to go when I want to pick up something special for my wife and four children. I'll slip out early in the morning to get a haircut and swing by the bakery to grab some cheese danishes to take home. It's not something I do often but I think the quality of goods and services so far has been top notch. ~Peter

We have been getting our specialty breads, cakes and pastries here for more than fifteen years. We have never been disappointed. The current owners have carried the Swiss tradition forward. We love this place.

Nice bakery. The French Fruit Cake is delicious, beautiful, and incredibly light in the mouth. They also sell items / ingredients from Europe as well as ice cream. ~ Diner

Amazing Wedding Cake!: I got my wedding cake here and it was fantastic. Laurie was SO nice and made me feel at ease. The cake was delivered on time and it was the most delicious wedding cake I've ever tasted. We got TONS of compliments. I'm picking up my free anniversary cake this weekend and I can't wait to eat it! ~Mandy

Beyond Incredible: The very best bakery I've ever been to. Everything is absolutely amazing and the single-size servings are an awesome treat. ~ Sarah H

This place was PHENOMENAL!!! We selected the "fall styled" wedding cake with fall colored leaves and the taste was unbelievable. We did select the pound cake rather than the regular cake b/c it was denser and moister. There was a little bit more of $$ b/c of the cost of the flowers. The amazing thing is that on your 1-year anniversary they give you a mini wedding cake of all your flavors. I don't know how big it will be, but it's a nice perk. There is a $35 tasting fee, but that's to deter those people who just come for free cake. And if you select a cake from them, then the cost of the tasting fee is taken off of the total price. yea! They were prompt and we couldn't have asked for a better place to help celebrate our special day with us.

I ordered a birthday cake from The Swiss Bakery in Burke, VA for my mother's 90th Birthday celebration held on Feb 19. I believe the name of person who so very patiently worked with me while I sampled various cakes and changed my mind on decorations is Rachel. I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous hit that cake was. The party was held at my mother's retirement community in Maryland. The 9-piece dance band played Happy Birthday while my great-niece and her boyfriend rolled the cake out to the front where my mother was sitting. We had 70 guests at the party with full buffet. The cake was brought after the first hour in a 3-hour party. After everyone finished singing my mother just stood there looking at the cake and tearing up. People kept saying make a wish and blow the candles out, she just kept staring at the cake. She told me later how beautifully decorated the cake was, delicate flowers, the colors were perfect, she just wanted to take it all in before it was cut into. Thankfully a few people took photos of it before it was cut. So many people remarked at how light the cake was. We had vanilla sponge cake with an ivory/vanilla buttercream icing, and raspberry filling. People kept coming up and asking me where I got the cake, that it was the lightest cake they ever had. So thank you very very much!! The cake was a hit and added a great deal to what turned out to be a perfect Birthday celebration. Fran

I had my first order from the Swiss Bakery - so far the Six Grain Health Bread is just about the best bread I ever tasted, and the Biber is luscious & authentic! -Corrine

All to often we never hear the good reports of our employees doing something above the call of their job, but our clients never fail to call or email us a complaint. That said I wanted you to know that today I called the Burke store and worked with Rachel; she was a pleasure to work with and I had a special request for some “Pittsburgh Steelers” cookies for this Sunday, last minute request and a special order to boot. She was great, took my number, called me back in minutes with a resounding yes we can do that! I wanted you to know it’s seldom today that employees are that efficient and pleasant, thank you! -Michael

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for Brenda's baby shower cake you delivered to the Morrison House Saturday! It was perfect, tasted wonderful, and all the guests took another piece (or two) home to their families. Thank you again for working with us! The cake was a big hit! -Caroline

I ordered my wedding cake from the Swiss Bakery. They made a completely non-traditional Finnish wedding cake for me and went out of their way to make sure that it was exactly what I was looking for. To make it even better, they drove and hour and a half out to Front Royal to delivery it and to make sure it was set up perfectly. I think this was the best tasting wedding cake I ever had in my life, and it held up perfectly even though it was an outdoor summer wedding. I would highly recommend the Swiss Bakery to anyone. They are simply the best.-Saleena

I wanted to thank all who helped me arrange a long distance cake order for my son Spencer while visiting his best friend in Virginia. All who I spoke with at the bakery were very helpful, friendly and highly confidant in the whole process. While it may have been a very simple order for you, you helped me make it special for my son on his birthday away from home. Thank you again. I wish you continued success with your business.-Trish

One of the best vendors we hired was our cake baker – the Swiss Bakery, based in Springfield, VA. Since we had a larger wedding, we wanted enough cake to go around, so we decided on an economical way to make the cake that would still look exquisite and taste phenomenal: we decided not to “stack”. The result? A majestic pyramid structure! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that the filling we chose was chocolate mousse – moist, light, and oh-so-chocolatey! The outside decorations on the cake were so carefully sculpted too. It almost looked like a work of art.The best thing about the Swiss Bakery? They gave us a free 6 inch replica of our wedding cake on our anniversary! So no, we didn’t save our top layer in the freezer for a year. We got a fresh one just a month ago when we last visited Virginia…--Heba

Thanks so very much for the magnificent looking and especially, great tasting cakes. Each cake got rave reviews. Hope you enjoy the photos taken of the cakes. We have done business with The Swiss Bakery since the early '80's. Though we live in Haymarket, VA, we always return because of the quality of your products and the great caring, friendly service.~Paul & Mary Ann

I just wanted to say thank you for the delicious and beautiful cakes you made for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. The guests raved about the delicious cakes. Your advice during the order process was very helpful. Thanks for making the whole process so easy (and yummy). -- Gladys

The Swiss Bakery did my wedding cake. They did an amazing job! They were able to take a design that I pulled from the internet and do exactly what I wanted. As far as taste goes, I thought it was the best wedding cake I have ever had! We had different layers and tiers with different fillings and flavors and it was so good. The pastry chef did a great job working with what we wanted and more importantly within our budget. I had comments from people who attended the wedding that are not big cake or sweets fans, that said the cake was moist and delicious. We would recommend the Swiss Bakery for any event. Our cake design is listed on their website, under the Sarah design!

Our wedding cake in April 2008 was absolutely stunning! We received so many compliments on its beauty, but the real treat was when people enjoyed slice after slice. We had so many guests tell us they came back for seconds, and that they had never experienced such tasty wedding cake. Thank you for creating such delicious beauty for our special day -Francisco & Shawn C

I was at the Berry/Haynes wedding on Saturday evening, and discovered that Swiss Bakery did the wedding cake - delicious AND beautiful!! Also, Swiss Bakery apparently did the wedding shower cake and I have to say, it was one of the best I have ever had! -Gail

Thank you so much for producing the most amazing cake EVER!!!! Don’t you wish you could have a first birthday party like that? Everyone loved the designed and devoured the cake – THERE WERE TWO SLICES LEFT!!!You both did an incredible job! I can’t wait to do this again. Thanks again. Ron

"Thank you so much for making our delicious wedding cake. Everyone raved about it. Trey and I had some after we came back from the honeymoon and it was still amazing. You did a beautiful job decorating it with the flowers also.We can't wait to have it again for our one year anniversary next August. We will recommend your bakery to anyone who needs a cake or delectable treat." ~Jill and Trey

"Cake was delicious, stunning. Thanks so much." ~Sharon

My daughter wanted a buttercream iced cake with a cherry blossom theme - not sweet and heavy (especially after a big meal!). The Swiss Bakery delivered BIG TIME! Laurie combined 3 cake styles into the perfect wedding cake that looked and tasted wonderful. Everyone loved the look and the taste. We had only a few slices to take home - thank goodness my daughter can get a replica of the top tier for her first anniversary. Laurie listened, knew exactly what we wanted and delivered perfectly. We have already recommended The Swiss Bakery to our friends who were unaware that our "neighborhood" bakery did specialty cakes.

Thanks so much for the supplying me with all I needed to have a fun Raclette Party last night! It was such a nice low-key and stress free dinner - and it was all with your help! - Susan

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