The Recipe for Our Green Bakery


Millwork of bamboo plywood with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) water-based finishes

• Display countertops of Neapolitan Strand bamboo

• Service countertops of high pressure laminate recycled paper called Paper Stone

• Backsplashes of Ecoresin sheets with floating rings of bamboo

• Yolo zero VOC latex paints utilizing milk protein and naturally occurring materials

• Non-toxic water-based finishes used to seal the woodworking

• Solvent-free pigments, varnishes and adhesives used with the flooring

•Energy efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lights and compact florescent energy efficient light bulbs

•Energy efficient, tankless hot water heater

•Use of recycled and salvaged cabinets, chairs and appliances from a bakery ending its business

•Use of recycled wood from the former Swiss Embassy Residence, (Washington, DC)


Commit yourself to a Green Approach.

•Enlist the help of a talented architect and experienced Swiss craftsman who share the Green Philosophy.

•Create and recreate for 8-10 months.

•Kick back and enjoy.

Our Suppliers:

Carpenter- Patrick Janser 
Designer- Michael Vallese, Evoluza
Bamboo, Ecoresin, Paper Stone, Yolo zero VOC latex paints - ECO Supply Center
Hall Floor- Guardian Coatings

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