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Breakfast Pastries

DANISH Flaky, buttery danish dough filled with cream cheese, cherries, cinnamon or seasonal fruit.

STRUDEL A puff pastry filled with apples or cherries and iced with a sugar glaze.

SWISS TART XXXXXXXXXXX A puff pastry filled with apples.

CROISSANTS A flaky buttery croissant dough, traditional butter or filled with almond, chocolate or ham & swiss cheese.

HAZELNUT CROISSANT (Nussgipfel) A puff pastry with hazelnut filling and a sugar glaze.

JALOUSIE Puff pastry topped with vanilla pastry cream and apricots and baked until golden.

SCONES Oatmeal Pecan (hearty with lots of oatmeal, pecans, and orange zest), or Cranberry (a cream biscuit with dried cranberries).

STICKY BUNS Sticky pecan topped cinnamon danish.

ALMOND PRETZEL Puff pastry twisted with almond filling, iced with a sugar glaze, and topped with toasted almonds.

CRISPIE Thin, crispy, puff pastry with cinnamon & sugar.

PRUSSIEN Light and crisp caramelized sugar puff pastry.

APPLE RAISIN OR CINNAMON BREAD Sweet yeasty breads, iced with apricot glaze and a sugar icing.

Please note that selection may vary. Not all items are made each day.

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