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Our European bread is available daily in limited quantities. We recommend pre-ordering 72 hours in advance.

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Butter Zopf Bread  Challah, zopf, egg-bread, Swiss, Suisse, breakfast, bread, braided
Butter Zopf Bread
Soft, braided, traditional breakfast bread of Switzerland.
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    Suisse Boule French,country-bread,sourdough,boule
    Suisse Boule
    Our French country bread, moist and airy.
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      Wurzelbrot Bread, Wurzelbrot, rustic,
      Our most popular bread. A hearty crusty bread made with dark wheat flour. Available plain (Dark) or rolled in seeds (Rustic). Ingredients: dark wheat flour, wheat sourdough, rye flour, barley flour,...
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        Baguette French,Baguette, Bread
        Classic crusty French-style baguette. Ingredients: white flour, yeast & salt.
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          Farmers Bread  bauernbrot, farmers, bread, Swiss, Suisse
          Farmer's Bread
          Swiss country-style bread.
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            German Sourdough Rye Bread rye,sourdough,german-rye
            German Sourdough Rye Bread
            Dense medium rye bread with a sour rye taste. Excellent for grilled reubens or ham & cheese sandwiches. Ingredients: rye flour, white flour, rye sourdough, yeast, salt & rye malt.Price is for one...
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              Brotchen kaiser,kaiser-roll,hard-roll,roll, crusty bread, brotchen
              Crusty hard roll. Ingredients: white flour, yeast & salt.
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                Snowflake Roll soft-roll,dinner-roll,white,dinner,roll
                Snowflake Roll
                Soft white roll. Ingredients: white flour, milk, yeast, sugar, shortening & salt.
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                  Sesame Semolina  sesame,semolina,bread
                  Sesame Semolina
                  Light textured bread, with a golden chewy crust and the nutty taste of sesame seeds.Laurie’s favorite for BLTs or to dip in hummus.
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                    Raisin Walnut savory,raisin,walnut,bread,apple
                    Raisin Walnut
                    Perfect on a cheese platter or toasted for breakfast.
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                      Ticino Brat Bun Italian,white,bread, Swiss, rolls, buns
                      Ticino Brat Bun
                      Soft textured white bread with light, crisp crust from the Italian region of Switzerland. Scored into rolls to be pulled apart at the table.
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                        Six Grain Health Bread  wholewheat,wholegrain,whole-wheat,whole-grain,bread
                        Six Grain Health Bread
                        A dark, multi-grain bread.
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                          Laugen Cheese Roll  kasestange,cheese-roll
                          Laugen Cheese Roll
                          Buttery, rich pretzel roll topped with Swiss cheese.
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                            Laugen Roll bretzen, roll, pretzel-roll
                            Laugen Roll
                            Buttery, rich pretzel roll topped with coarse salt.
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                              Basler  Basel,bread, Swiss
                              Light, airy bread with a thick dark, chewy crust.
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                                St Galler Bread  st-gall,st-galler,st-gallen,bread
                                St Galler Bread
                                Local bread from Eastern Switzerland. A thick dark crust with a dense white interior. Approximately 1 pound.Made at The Swiss Bakery
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                                  Swiss Cheese Bread  swiss-cheese,bread,cheese-brerad
                                  Swiss Cheese Bread
                                  A savory cheese bread with a crispy crust.
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                                    Walliser  rye, wallis, bread, Swiss, Switzerland
                                    Local bread of the Matterhorn region of Switzerland where it is sliced thin and served with cheese and dried meats. Unusual flat shape, very dense and chewy.
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                                      Products 1-18 of 18

                                      Not all breads are made every day. If there is a specific bread you are interested in picking up, please call to place a preorder with 72hrs advance notice and prepayment.

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