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Zuri Bread Zuri, brot, Zurich, bread, Swiss, Suisse, Switzerland
Zuri Bread
This soft-textured, oblong bread with a light crisp crust is an everyday bread in Switzerland. Made with organic dark wheat by The Swiss Bakery.
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Berner Bread Bread, Berner
Berner Bread
This soft-textured, oblong bread with a light crisp crust is an everyday bread in Switzerland. Made with organic dark wheat by The Swiss Bakery.
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Wurzelbrot Dark or Rustic Bread, Wurzelbrot
Wurzelbrot Dark or Rustic
Our most popular bread. A hearty crusty bread made with dark wheat flour. Available plain (Dark) or rolled in seeds (Rustic). Ingredients: dark wheat flour, wheat sourdough, rye flour, barley flour,...
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Butter Zopf Bread  Challah, zopf, egg-bread, Swiss, Suisse, breakfast, bread, braided
Butter Zopf Bread
Soft, braided, traditional breakfast bread of Switzerland.
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Farmers Bread
Farmer's Bread
Swiss country-style bread.
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Six Grain Health Bread  wholewheat,wholegrain,whole-wheat,whole-grain,bread
Six Grain Health Bread
A dark, multi-grain bread.
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St Galler Bread  st-gall,st-galler,st-gallen,bread
St Galler Bread
Local bread from Eastern Switzerland. A thick dark crust with a dense white interior. Approximately 1 pound.Made at The Swiss Bakery
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German Sourdough Rye Bread rye,sourdough,german-rye
German Sourdough Rye Bread
Dense medium rye bread with a sour rye taste. Excellent for grilled reubens or ham & cheese sandwiches. Ingredients: rye flour, white flour, rye sourdough, yeast, salt & rye malt.
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Crusty hard roll. Ingredients: white flour, yeast & salt.
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Snowflake Roll soft-roll,dinner-roll,white,dinner,roll
Snowflake Roll
Soft white roll. Ingredients: white flour, milk, yeast, sugar, shortening & salt.
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Classic crusty French-style baguette. Ingredients: white flour, yeast & salt.
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Sesame Semolina  sesame,semolina,bread
Sesame Semolina
Light textured bread, with a golden chewy crust and the nutty taste of sesame seeds.Laurie’s favorite for BLTs or to dip in hummus.
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Basler  Basel,bread, Swiss
Light, airy bread with a thick dark, chewy crust.
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Suisse Boule French,country-bread,sourdough,boule
Suisse Boule
Our French country bread, moist and airy.
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Raisin Walnut savory,raisin,walnut,bread,apple
Raisin Walnut
Perfect on a cheese platter or toasted for breakfast.
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Whole Spelt dinkel,spelt,wholegrain
Whole Spelt
Dense, moist wholegrain bread made with spelt, an ancient grain. Ingredients: wholegrain spelt flour, rolled spelt flakes, wholegrain sourdough, sunflower seeds, buttermilk, sugar, yeast & salt.
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Swiss Cheese Bread  swiss-cheese,bread,cheese-brerad
Swiss Cheese Bread
A savory cheese bread with a crispy crust.
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Bavarian Pretzel bavarian, pretzel
Bavarian Pretzel
A true Bavarian pretzel imported by The Swiss Bakery from Munich!
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Laugen Cheese Roll  kasestange,cheese-roll
Laugen Cheese Roll
Buttery, rich pretzel roll topped with Swiss cheese.
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Laugen Roll bretzen, roll, pretzel-roll
Laugen Roll
Buttery, rich pretzel roll topped with coarse salt.
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Products 1-20 of 20
Not all breads are made every day. If there is a specific bread you are interested in picking up, please call to inquire about availability.

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