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Our daily cake selection varies with the addition of seasonal cakes. All daily cakes are 8" round cakes that serve 10-12. Add chocolate script free of charge for any event at pickup or pre-order.

Pre-orders for larger cakes can be accommodated with a 72 hours to 10 days notice.

Vanilla, Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle and Raspberry Truffle 8" cakes will now require a 72 hour notice.

New daily cakes feature Pistachio Apricot & Hazelnut Espresso!

Pictured above: our New Hazelnut Espresso, Chocolate Sponge cake layered with Espresso Syrup, Hazelnut Buttercream and a Candied Hazelnut Crumble finished with a Rich Chocolate Ganache Buttercream. 

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Black and White Cake Chocolate,chocolate-cake,vanilla-buttercream,raspberry-marmalade,raspberry-filling
Black and White Cake
Alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge cake. Filled and finished with vanilla buttercream.
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    French Fruit Cake vanilla-cake,pastry-cream,bavarian-cream,fruit,fresh-fruit
    French Fruit Cake
    Three layer vanilla sponge cake brushed with brandy syrup and filled with vanilla cream. Topped with fresh fruits and toasted almonds on the sides.
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      Lemon Raspberry Cake lemon,cake,buttercream,raspberry
      Lemon Raspberry Cake
      Vanilla sponge cake with lemon buttercream filling and a thin layer of raspberry marmalade. Finished with lemon buttercream.
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        Carrot Cake cream-cheese-icing,carrot-cake
        Carrot Cake
        Three layer carrot cake made with fresh ground carrots and cinnamon. Filled with sweet cream cheese, pineapple and walnuts. Iced in sweet cream cheese and finished with walnuts. ...
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          Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake Chocolate, mousse, cake, shavings, curls
          Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake
          Four layers chocolate sponge cake brushed with rum syrup. Filled with a light chocolate mousse. Finished with chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings.
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            White Chocolate Mousse Cake white chocolate, kirsch, mousse, shavings, curls
            White Chocolate Mousse Cake
            Four layer vanilla sponge cake brushed with kirsch liquor syrup and filled with white chocolate mousse. Finished with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate shavings.
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              Tiramisu Cake espresso, mascarpone, ladyfingers, tiramisu, cake
              Tiramisu Cake
              Two layers of espresso brandy soaked ladyfingers and two layers of mascarpone rum mousse topped with white chocolate mousse.
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                Chocolate Truffle Cake chocolate-cake,chocolate-buttercream
                Chocolate Truffle Cake
                Three layer chocolate sponge cake brushed with orange syrup. Filled and finished with chocolate buttercream.
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                  Vanilla Cake vanilla-cake,vanilla-buttercream,apricot-marmalade,apricot-filling
                  Vanilla Cake
                  Three layer vanilla sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot marmalade on the first layer of cake. Finished with vanilla buttercream.
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                    Black Forest  Cake  cherry, kirsch, black forest, cake,kirschwaldertorte,torte
                    Black Forest Cake
                    Three layer chocolate sponge cake brushed with kirsch liquor syrup. Filled with sweet whipped cream and sour cherries.
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                      Raspberry Truffle Cake chocolate-cake,chocolate-buttercream
                      Raspberry Truffle Cake
                      Three layer chocolate sponge cake filled with raspberry buttercream and finished with chocolate buttercream.
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                        Products 1-11 of 11

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